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Green Villa Membership Questionaire
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I ,Owner/Manager of the above listed Villa hereby agree to honor and uphold the following certification agreement with the Island Green Living Association that I have honestly completed all Villa Checklist items truthfully and that my Villa complies with all of the answers I have given. Further, that I will continue to maintain and operate my villa according to the Green Villa Certification Agreement while I am a Member of the Green Villa Program. This is a contract between Island Green Living & the Villa Owner /Manager which stipulates you agree to maintain the Villa according to Green Villa standards and allow for a pre-scheduled (random) villa inspection by Island Green representatives.
1.0 Green Villa Operations and Maintenance: 20 Points
Green Goals: Villa has implemented the following guidelines and policies on Green Operation and Maintenance. This Green Villa;
• Does not use toxic products or services that are detrimental to human health or the environment,
• Does not generate excessive land fill waste,
• Prevents pollution of the natural environment and
• Promotes water and energy conservation.
1.1 Villa uses environmentally friendly, biodegradable kitchen, bath and home cleaning products and does not use toxic home cleaning products. (3 Points) *
1.2 Villa provides re-usable shopping bags to prevent the use of over 500,000 single use, disposable plastic grocery bags sent to the landfill annually on St. John. (1 Point) *
1.3 Villa provides filtered, drinkable tap water and/or a bulk water dispenser that eliminates the need for and use of single use, disposable plastic water bottles. (2 Points) *
1.4 Villa provides cloth napkins and kitchen towels for guest use rather than “single use“ paper products, which are discouraged. If paper products are provided for guests they should contain “recycled content”, when available. (3 Points) *
1.5 Villa supplies re-usable, (preferably stainless steel) water bottles and beverage containers for beach or outdoor activities. (1 Point) *
1.6 Villa agrees to provides a home kitchen composting area with (IGLA supplied) posted written instructions for guests (3 Points) *
1.7 Villa provides natural insect repellants as an alternative to toxic aerosol sprays. (1 Point) *
1.8 Villa provides “reef safe” and “human safe” sunscreens (or no sunscreens) for guest use. (1 Point) *
Visit to check yours out.
1.9 Villa provides a separate bin for aluminum can recycling with a notice of the location of the nearest can depository. (2 Points) *
1.10 Villa agrees to implement an IGLA supplied continuing education program for caretakers, house cleaners, pool, landscaping & other maintenance personnel with the use of proper green technique and products. (3 Points) *
2.0 Green Villa Water Conservation and Management: 18 Points
Green Goals: Water Management and Conservation.
• A Water Management & Conservation Plan for the Villa has been developed..
• Villa agrees to post Water Conservation Suggestions for Guests (IGLA supplied graphics).
• Use an ecologically balanced Onsite Sewage Disposal System (where not connected to a municipal sewer system).
• Develop rainwater, storm water and gray water collection systems to maximize retention onsite and minimize runoff.
• Use non-potable (gray) water for landscape irrigation.
2.1 Villa uses an ecologically balanced On Site Sewage Disposal System ‘OSDS’ (where not connected to a municipal sewer system). Villa does not have a traditional septic system with leach field. Note: Traditional Septic Systems can cause non-point source pollution when not properly maintained. (3 Points) *
2.2 Villa has a gray water collection system to collect rainwater from driveways, parking areas, decks, porches and patios for reuse on the property (landscape irrigation system) or to be collected in rain gardens or sediment basins. (3 Points) *
2.3 Water conserving toilets are installed throughout the entire villa (1.6 GPM per flush, maximum). (1 Point) *
2.4 Low flow shower heads are installed throughout the entire villa. (1 Point)
2.5 An Energy Star dishwasher (or no dishwasher) is installed & labeled. (3 Points) *
2.6 An Energy Star washing machine is installed & labeled. (May be either available or not available for guest use) (3 Points) *
2.7 Villa has a water conserving front loading washer. (3 Points) *
2.8 Villa has posted (or agrees to post) IGLA supplied signage for Water Conservation Suggestions. (1 Point) *
3.0 Green Villa Energy Conservation & Management: 36 points
Green Goals: Villa has an energy system that;
• Maximizes energy conservation techniques
• Utilizes renewable energy for both water heating and electricity generation
• Minimizes the use of electricity generated by burning fossil fuels.
3.1 Solar hot water heating or on demand systems (tank less electric or gas point of use heaters). (3 Points) *
3.2 Hot water plumbing lines are insulated. (2 Points) *
3.3 Renewable energy systems used. A 2kW or larger photovoltaic (PV, solar) and/or wind energy system is installed on the property. (10 Points) *
3.4 Clothes drying yard or area provided, with clotheslines for solar drying. (2 Points) *
3.5 Induction electric range w/ convection oven or gas stove, with electric ignition is used instead of electric stove. (Gas stoves with pilot lights do not qualify for use in this checklist) (3 Points) *
3.6 Low voltage or solar (landscape/parking area) external lighting is used. (3 Points)
3.7 75% of lighting fixtures are energy efficient: (LED or Compact fluorescent). (3 Points) *
3.8 Energy Star refrigerator is installed and labeled. (3 Points) *
3.9 Energy Star ceiling fans are used. (3 Points) *
3.10 Energy Star ceiling fans are used. (3 Points) *
3.11 Villa has posted (or agrees to post) Island Green supplied signage for Energy Conservation Suggestions: (1 Point) *
4.0 Green Villa: Building Air Conditioning: 10 Points
Green Goals: Air conditioning systems can be the single largest consumer of electricity in a building. Building areas with air conditioning systems need special energy conservation systems. Air Conditioned buildings should have;
• Insulated roofs,
• Tightly sealed windows and doors, preferably with double glazing and low E glass,
• Passive solar design features such as sun shading for south and westerly facing masonry walls.
Split system air conditioning units should be Energy Star certified or have a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 19, or higher or an EER of 12.6 (for heat pumps). Higher ratings are more energy efficient.

4.1 Building design and orientation does not require air-conditioning. Villa does not have air conditioning units, (10 Points) *
If you answer YES to 4.1, NO AIR CONDITIONING UNITS, You get full credit for Section 4. (10 Points) Answer NO to 4.2 to 4.5
4.2 Air Conditioned Villa has posted graphics to request that guests turn off air conditioning when leaving the residence and minimize wasteful practices such as leaving doors and windows open when AC units are running. (1 Point)
4.3 Air Conditioned villa spaces are tightly sealed and the roof is well insulated to R30. (3 Points)
(Jalousie louver windows in conditioned spaces are not allowable for inclusion in the checkpoint)
4.4 Air Conditioning units are Energy Star Certified. (3 Points)
4.5 Air-conditioned building windows and doors are Energy Star Certified. (3 Points)
5.0 Green Villa Swimming Pools: 9 Points
Green Goals: Large, uncovered pools evaporate a remarkable amount of water every day. Pools with electric heaters use a tremendous amount of electricity every day. Special energy and water conservation techniques should be installed to maximize conservation.
5.1 Villa has no pool. (9 Points) *
If you answer Yes to 5.1, Villa has no pool, You get full credit for Section 5. (9 Points), Answer NO to 5.2 to 5.4,
5.2 Villa Pool is not heated or if heated has a solar thermal heating system, or an AC heat pump transfer system and a thermal blanket. (3 Points)
5.3 Swimming Pool Area does not exceed 400 square feet, or if larger than 400 square feet has a vapor barrier/thermal blanket pool cover installed. . (3 Points)
5.4 Villa has a solar swimming pool pump, a solar grid-tie net meter system to offset the AC pool pump or a high energy efficiency, programmable variable speed AC Pool Pump. (3 Points)
6.0 Green Villa Physical Site Conditions: 15 Points
Green Goal: Villa’s physical site design and layout provides minimum site disturbance and maximum environmental protection.
6.1 A native/natural vegetation greenbelt is retained along public or estate roadway. (3 Points) *
6.2 Surfaced (concrete, pavers or gravel) onsite driveway and parking areas to minimize erosion from storm water runoff. (3 Points) *
6.3 Permeable surface parking areas used to filter and re-introduce storm water runoff back into the ground. (3 points) *
6.4 Storm Water drainage measures implemented on site to minimize site run off (both point and non-point source pollution of the local environment) by retaining storm water on the property through the use of berms, swales, trracing and settlement terraces, or collected and stored for gray water landscape irrigation. (3 Points) *
6.5 Permanent compost areas established on site for landscape trimmings so they are not taken off site to dumpsters. (3 Points) *
7.0 Building Exterior Envelope, Structure and Site Location: 10 Points
Green Goals:
• The building has been designed and positioned on the site to be responsive to tropical architectural design considerations, including trade winds and sun paths, minimizing the use of mechanical cooling and ventilation systems.
• The building is designed and constructed to provide a safe and healthy human habitat.
7.1 Building design incorporates “passive solar design features”. Masonry walls facing south, southeast or southwest are shaded with natural vegetation, porches, galleries, trellises or other design features to minimize heat gain on the walls and within the structure from the sun during the day. (3 Points) *
7.2 Non Air conditioned spaces have either an insulated roof or a radiant barrier installed in the roof substrate. (3 Points) *
7.3 Low on No- VOC paints primers and wall coverings used as specified by: (3 Points) *
7.4 Tropical vernacular (particular to a region) architectural design elements such as hip roofs, porches and galleries to shade the walls. (1 Point) *
8.0 Light Pollution: 4 Points
Green Goal:The Exterior Lighting System minimizes the amount of ambient light visible from outside the property.
8.1 No use of outwardly shining (spot) lights on buildings, patios and decks, except for emergency security lighting. (3 Points) *
8.2 Use downward facing light fixtures on walls, decks, pools and patios. (1 Piont) *
9.0 Landscaping, Green Belts & Native/Natural Vegetation: 14 Points
Green Goals:
• Preserving the site’s natural vegetation is the simplest and most cost effective form of landscaping.
• Native vegetation is already well established on site and will survive in our extreme environment without constant irrigation.
• A considerate and effective landscape water conservation plan has been developed for the property.
• Natural and organic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are used in landscape maintenance. See: Organic Materials Review Institute, OMRI listings:
• Herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers that are toxic to humans and the environment are not used on the property.

9.1 Use of locally grown native plants within the landscape plan that are appropriate for the local micro-climate. (3 Points) *
9.2 Use of non-invasive plants within the landscape plan. (1 Point) *
Island Green provides a list of native plants for use, upon request.
9.3 Imported tropicals used in landscaping are concentrated around buildings with drip irrigation and where the most environmental disruption has taken place during construction. As landscaping progresses outward from the habitable spaces it transitions from exotic to native. (1 Point) *
9.4 Natural and organic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are used in landscape maintenance. Villa does not use toxic chemical herbicides, such as “Roundup”. (3 Points) *
See: Organic Materials Review Institute, OMRI listings:
9.5 Fruit trees are planted on the property. (3 Points) *
9.6 An organic vegetable garden is on the property. (3 Points) *
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